Nature influences the forms and surfaces of my work. Clay is a material that encourages me to create sculptural and functional pieces. As a studio potter, I attempt to create beautiful, functional pottery for everyday use. I hope to maintain an energetic human spirit within my handmade pottery, along with providing pleasure, while using these objects during daily rituals. When I work sculpturally, my work is inspired by botanical forms, sea life, and microscopic organisms. Clay permits me to respond to the world around me, while stretching, texturing, rolling, throwing and altering the material to record my impressions.

I have been a studio potter at Salty Dog Pottery in Barnstead, New Hampshire since 1973. I am a member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, the Potter’s Guild and a participating Artist-In-Education through the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts. I also served as President for the North Country Studio Workshops. My work has exhibited in galleries and shows throughout New Hampshire and the Northeast.